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Why do you limit bets?

- The $100/$200/$300 bet limits are the equivalent of a bet/double play/triple play in sports betting. The goal of eduBet is to have fun and to see which school has the most elite players at figuring out the best value on the board. This system keeps everything in check.

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What does the plus (+9) and minus (-9) numbers mean?

- When you bet on a team, Vegas adjusts the odds. Therefore, if you want to bet on team favored to win you have to “give” points and if you take the underdog, you “take” points. For example, if Baylor is a 9 point favorite over SMU (Baylor -9 v SMU), Baylor has to win by more than 9 points to win the bet. SMU can lose the game and still win the bet it they lose by less than 9 points. It’s like SMU starts the game with a 9 point lead.

Can I just bet for my college team?

- No!!! You can bet against your college team if that that is the better wager. And you can bet on the big four pro sports, too.

What if I want to bet on more games amp;amp; run out of money?

- Right now your only option is to do an in-app purchase. However, we are working to find some advertisers that will give you

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Why do I have to use Facebook to login?

- We know some people don’t like this or don’t have Facebook accounts and there will be new ways to login for version 2.0. However, we want to make sure that people are playing for their schools and we can verify the school through Facebook (it just makes things easier). Remember: We never post anything on your facebook without you telling us to do so.

My Homescreen says “New School”?

- We generally wait until a college has 20 players before we create an image and put them on the leaderboard. Please tell your fellow students and alumni to play and once we hit 20 accounts, your school will get an image and go into the scholarship program.

More Questions? Shoot us an E-mail, we’re very friendly: support@edubet[dot]com

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