EDU Manifesto

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Q: What does 1 Trillion Dollars have to do with the #1 Mobile College Casino?

A: Everything.

See the total student loan debt in the United States is now over $1 Trillion Dollars and getting worse as tuition

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increases at a rate of 8-10% a year nationally. While Washington fights over how to handle the upcoming student loan crisis (and make no mistake, it is a crisis), we at edubet/poker are going to make sure the next generation is the most educated

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workforce of the information age without drowning our nation in more debt.

How are we going to do this? By building bad-ass, mobile gaming communities and giving half of the rake to colleges for past and present student scholarships.

Vegas has taught us how to make entertainment gambling fun for adults of all ages. One-for-one companies (like Tom’s Shoes) has taught us how to make profits and have a social mission at its core. edubet/poker is simply taking the next logical step and combining the two business models into one: For every two dollars of gambling revenue our apps make (known as “the rake”), we donate one of those dollars to a general scholarship pool

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for all participating colleges. In the end, we just want to the be Tom’s Shoes of College Casinos–AND CHANGE THE WORLD.

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And here’s how the numbers will play out if we pull together and see this through. If on-line gambling were legal in the United States tomorrow, it would generate about $100 billion in annual revenues and projections to $150 billion by 2015. If we capture 10% of the on-line market, that would be a $7 billion windfall of scholarships for colleges and universities. That might not seem like a lot but as the market grows and we keep shipping more and more money away to colleges, in 10-15 years we end up saving a typical student over $30,000 and our economy $155 billion with each graduating class. We eventually rid the country of its $1 Trillion Dollar student loan problem and insure affordability to make the U.S. the most educated workforce in the world.

At the time of this manifesto, on-line gambling is illegal in the States (but it should be legal-states have lotteries, Vegas makes billions off gambling, and Congress could tax it so it would not have to cut funding in other areas-so use #makepokerlegal and let your voice be heard), but that is not stopping edubet/poker. We are pumping out the best sports betting and poker tournament apps for college students, alumni, and fans that include in-app purchases using the

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same model. Every time you purchase more chips for which to gamble, half the money goes to the participating schools’ general scholarship fund. So join us today in reshaping our nation’s education future while riding it of past debts. Oh, and kick your rival school’s ass at the poker table.


John DeWitt
Founder amp;amp; Product Developer, edubet/poker